Post Federal Election: A Brave N00b World

The election has come and gone. The emotional roller-coaster of the last 3 years has docked itself back at the station and while some have managed to hold on for the next ride, many more are considering the ferris wheel or carousel. Yeah, I had nowhere to go with that carnival metaphor. Moving on.
Enough has been said by others about what this government will do or might do to the nation in the last few weeks. I would like to talk about the current reaction to yesterday’s result. I personally have attacked anyone who would claim that Australia voted for Abbott. If they’d voted and they don’t live in Warringah, they would have noticed his name was nowhere to be seen on the ballot paper. Australia elected a Coalition government, Liberal, National, LNP and Country Liberal. More than 76 local members in the House of Representatives were elected for the Coalition and it has allowed them to form government. They are not run by Tony Abbott; he is simply the party leader. The Labor party are still there, as are the Greens, Independents, and now Clive Palmer and the PUP have joined the ranks. But, as I said, the reaction. Outrage, pride, glee, contentment, disillusion, apathy, concern for the weekend’s football results, it’s all evident. As for myself, democracy was preserved and we survived. It’s a better result than the democratic elections in many other countries. But to those who seem to think it’s the end of the world, you are entitled to you opinion, but, don’t forget, it’s only 3 years. Anything could happen. If the Greens, Palmer and independents hold the balance of power in the Senate, then we will hopefully see reason prevail in the next three years.
I have little to no respect left for anyone who has liked the page “Tony Abbott – Worst PM in Australian History”. When you read the drivel they are posting it really makes you wonder how short-sighted, ignorant and utterly brainless some people can be. The page claims to speak for the outgoing ALP government? Fuck right off. When Tony Abbott has been sworn in and the first session of parliament has been seated, then and only then can any judgement of the man’s capability as the duly elected leader of our nation occur. Not a minute before. It is less than 24 hours since the election was called for the Coalition, yet people have already managed to judge the next 3 years in government? I’d love to borrow that crystal ball of yours, because I’ll be checking out next weeks Powerball result.
I am so fucking sick of the stupid fucking people on the internet. If you can’t be fucked educating yourself on the way our political system works, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Seriously people.


Any fucktard that chose to “buck the system” last weekend by voting for a minor party or a joke party in the Senate needs to be sterilised. Gelding, neutering, tubal ligation, or a fierce bout of chlamydia, whatever it takes to rot the useless flesh away from our future. Smoker’s Rights? Motoring Enthusiasts? Stop The motherfucking Greens? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Are you so fucking stupid that the name of the party is all that appeals? The Pirate Party. Sex Party. HEMP. The Sports Party. Jesus anilingus Christ. Voting for the Liberal Democrats because you thought you were voting Liberal? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?? People can’t legitimately be as shit brained as the media would have us believe right?
I believe that voting must remain compulsory, to force people to pay attention to the issues, but with the results still unfolding from the gigantic abortion of last weekend, we need to find a better way to educate people for the future of our nation. I can live with Palmer, Greens, even Hanson in the senate, simply because we know what to expect from them. But to swing in all these nobodies with nothing policies, the question must be raised, who voted for them? To have a single policy to run with, more sports or safer roads without removing the “right” to drive like a fuckwit, and to find yourself elected to the senate because you came up with a preference deal that was essentially a circle jerk of minor parties and their hunger for preference deals that fly in the face of democracy, much like the semen stains on the face of the nation now. Now we are made to deal with 6 years of the terminally unemployable fouling up the Senate, pulling in $190k annually, and forming back-room deals to help push through new legislation that will hinder the nation’s progress.
We want to be a 21st century nation? Then we need to give up this fucking want for stone age style voting. If you want your vote to really count, educate yourself, rather than bitching and moaning endlessly about who formed government in the Lower House.
Lastly, if you are so fucking stupid that you think voting for one of these minor parties was a good idea. Kill yourself. Now. Right fucking now. You need to hook a tie over a doorknob and Michael Hutchence yourself you fucking oxygen thief.

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