Miracles, the Vatican, and the science that proves it’s all a crock of shit

In recent days the media have picked up on a book published back in May of this year. Written by Californian Dr Lissa Rankin, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, is essentially another self-help book. However, where this would differ from “The Secret” or “The Lemon Detox” is the medical studies she pored over in writing. Science proving the power of the human body, moreover, the mind, to heal itself. The placebo effect.

While the book itself touches on these “medical miracles”, it fails to provide deeper insights to the cause of it all. How did a woman’s cancer to into remission while undergoing radiotherapy, while the machine itself was broken?

Any good scientist would want to look deeper into how this was possible. If it is indeed the power of the mind and body to heal, would that not then be transcribed to organised religion and any claims of healing as “miracles”?

You’d better fucking believe it would.

Whether it’s the dead pope curing Parkinson’s, or Mary MacKillop curing cancer 90 years after her death, the Vatican would seem to draw the miracle of the human body to people long dead, with ZERO proof that these were the intermediaries, other than to say, “they prayed”. When in all honesty, the truth would be more akin to “they prayed”. The Vatican, the Catholic church and the doctrine they would force upon others to validate the arguments they present prey upon the weak and the ignorant, constantly forcing a state of blindness on those they would swear to protect. How is it achieved you would ask, how can anyone be so stupid to believe that ghosts are healing people? Well, it all comes back to the Egyptian/Greek/Roman/Nordic/Native American/Australian Indigenous/Indian/African/Mayan/Chinese/Jewish/Muslim/Modern Christian/Mormon collective histories of “God/s” and exactly why he/she/they existed. To explain what science and reason could not. Humans have always strived to understand, through curiosity have found answers and when the answers were not yet there for them, fell back to the disgusting habit that is organised religion.

“Can’t explain it?  We can, it’s clearly supernatural and therefore must be this God, or that one.”


Humans have reached a point where God as the answer has been disproved so many times, that if it was anything else, would cease to exist. Anyone convinced of the relevance of the ether model? Still holding to the geocentric universe? Phrenology? If you answered yes to any of those, you’re either lying or too stupid to exist, please read no further; you need to drown yourself post-haste. Yet these do pose the question, as the world has no need for God, when does it cease to exist? Why do people still hold to these archaic answers of God filling in the gaps? Miracles have just been disproved! What more evidence do you need?

So long as any religious body tries to cling to miracles as a source of relevance, it will find itself doing more harm than good. The Vatican and the Catholic belief system, along with “modern Christianity”, are a lot like McDonalds, everyone knows how bad it is for you, but some still choose to gorge themselves at the altar as the business tries to turn the tide against falling customer numbers with new brand makeovers. It’s a pitiful thing to have blind faith in the 21st century. What’s worse is regular occurrence misattributed as divine intervention. God, priests, prophets, televangelists and run-of-the-mill con-men cannot heal you. I can believe that staring at a lamp for 12 hours a day will cure my neighbour’s cancer and it might, if I can convince him of such. All these claimed miracles seem to only occur to those who are aware of the “rituals” and have a fervent belief that the mumbo-jumbo they hold to will make them better. That’s why children never suffer the miracle cures of their devout parents.

Now there’s proof. It’s not God that’s healing you, it’s all in your head.

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