The true meaning of Xmas

I’m getting really sick of Christians everywhere trying to make Xmas all about them, and not about presents, trees, food, family and Santa. Any biblical scholar or decent theologian will be able to tell you that Jesus was NOT born on Christmas day. Try late March, or early September, or quite honestly any date but the one wrongly assumed to be his birthday.
Xmas belongs to the secular, the only element the hyper-religious fun police contribute is a Jewish baby born where cows shit, at another time of year. It’s not a time to mince words, this is the part of the year where more than a reasonable portion of the news is devoted to the various churches and active worldwide promotion of religious dogma is perpetuated by the media.
This is rant isn’t necessarily aimed at the ridiculous nature of religion, nor at the true history of Christmas, from pagan solstice through to Roman Empirical expansion, it is directed at the ignorant few who would choose to moan about the “War on Christmas”. It happens every year, preachers in churches, loud mouthed theists who abuse all and sundry for stealing Xmas from them. Those who blame Coca-Cola and Hallmark for changing the meaning of Xmas. Traditionalists, some would wish to be called.
I’m trying to educate the blind and foolish to the nature of their follies, so that everyone can enjoy the festive season without a need to ruin it with shouting over who has the better god. There’s no reason why Xmas has to be anything but a reason to celebrate the end of the year with family and friends, no matter what they believe. So the next time someone starts bitching about the “real meaning of Christmas”, gently remind them how wrong they are with a light ham-bludgeoning.
Happy December!

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