Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government

Yesterday Barry O’Farrell, the endless fount of wisdom that he is, announced new laws designed to curb this “recent spate of alcohol-fuelled violence”, including restricted trading, lock-outs, and mandatory minimum sentencing. While everyone seems to be reacting to the new alcohol laws, I have this to say,
If you’re still out and needing to drink after 3am, you need to take a look at why you need to drink so much. If you haven’t managed to get into a bar by 1.30, you really shouldn’t be going out in the first place, and if you don’t have the foresight to purchase alcohol before 10pm, it’s your own fucking fault.
Sure, pushing the drunks and junkies on to the street when they’re off their respective faces is an even worse solution than keeping them somewhere the trouble can be contained, but don’t fucking bitch about the fact that you can’t now spend all night drinking. It makes you sound pathetic.
Of course the real issue here is the knee-jerk reaction to all of this. Rather than coming up with genuine solutions, Bazza O’Fazza has decided to introduce MANDATORY 8 YEAR SENTENCES for these so-called “coward punches”. 8 years. For one drunk punch. A mistake anyone could make under the influence. But when you have child molesters, rapists, speeding drivers that kill someone in a crash, and genuinely violent people, getting 2-5 year minimum sentences (in some cases), for sober decisions they made to ruin someone’s life, you really have to wonder how the NSW Government can justify such a bullshit reaction…


Oh, that’s right, the motherfucking media. Simply because these stories dominate the headlines (along with Brad Pitt visiting Australia), the government is “forced to act”.
What the government could (and should) do is work on education for these brainless fucks hitting the gym every two hours, hitting the ‘roids every second day, and going out charged up, thinking that they’re a fucking UFC fighter. There seems to be this misconception that exists in gyms that steroids are now safe. They aren’t, and they make you look like a sack of potatoes. It’s not a natural look, it’s not a hot look, you stink and everyone thinks you’re a fuckwit.
If the NSW Government can’t rise above reactive headline policies, then it’s only a matter of time before they go the way of Federal Labor. Not that John Robertson and co. are offering a decent opposition to the government.
The State Government and the police, the media and social commentators need to remember that people have been out drinking at all hours for decades. If this violence really is a new thing, then they need to tackle what’s causing it, not punish any and everyone for being social. A mandatory sentence for one punch will not fix a thing; it refuses to address the problem at hand, and is as much a band-aid solution as treating an amputee with aluminium foil (so the meat doesn’t spoil).
There exists in this country a separation of powers, the Government stays the fuck out of the courts and the courts stay out of the Government. It’s how it should be. The Government does not need to introduce a mandatory sentence for mistakes made under the influence. Alcohol impairs judgement. So responding after the fact will do nothing. Everyone knows you have to treat the cause, and all the Government seems to want to do is recycle old failed policies, simply because it looks good in The Daily Telegraph. Fucking idiots.

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