Enough Is Enough

“Shocking” news this week as state and federal governments slash public health funding in the run to the EOFY. But the media won’t report it because it’s not an official policy. It’s a directive issued to allow healthier looking budgets. Yet the NSW Coalition continues to poll well ahead of the problematic ALP.
What can be done?
In the short-term, nothing. Something to keep in mind, however far off it may seem, is the State Election next March. In the coming months, all and sundry will start trying to win support for their various causes, and right now is the time to challenge what they can do to actually help larger-scale issues like this. Rather than listening to the CDP rant on and on about the dangers of single mothers, drug users and gays fouling up our streets, demand answers on real issues such as health or education. Instead of allowing the Cycling Party to focus on the non-issues of bicycle paths and spinning hyperbole about bicycle registration, press them for a genuine policy that would work in favour of the majority rather than an overly vocal minority. I mean, fuck, track down Bazza O’Fazza himself and put the questions to him. Find out what John Robertson plans to do to stop the ALP rot and build a better NSW.
For anyone who has paid attention to the ICAC inquiry in the last few weeks can see that we’ve only just scratched the surface of high-level incompetence in state governance. Bob Carr’s latest exploits show a man more obsessed with his ego than that of his political legacy, and he was the NSW Premier for 10 years.
Don’t let NSW continue to be a victim of the 24-hour political spin-cycle. Both sides of government refuse to take action on CSG exploration in the Blue Mountains and greater NSW as a whole, but still expect your vote. They continue to strip funding from health services, yet claim to be involved in the development of new infrastructure. Hospitals can’t run without staff, but that is what they expect to happen. Don’t fucking put up with it!
Send them a real message, lobby them in person, find your local member and grill them. Don’t fall for the mixed messages bullshit that comes from lost cause rallies like the March in March. When the Greens and Socialists and Anarchists are the parties appealing for reason and rationale, you have to ask yourself what the fuck has happened to the major parties.
Define what matters to you and do something. It’s beyond time that the greater public took an interest in the planning of their future. We are supposed to be the generation that refuses to listen to our parents, but we continue to let the older generations dictate what we do. At what point do we stand up and cry, ENOUGH!

We can do this, we can be the catalyst for change if we allow it. A vote is more than a tiresome obligation, it’s a chance to make a statement about what you want done. Rather than fueling the apathy and fatigue that comes from the continued failings of those champions of mediocrity, take a new approach. Focusing on the major parties and encouraging the stigmatic stereotypes associated with any political discussion is an outdated attitude. We need to encourage political debate, champion our own causes, refuse the advances to the political elite and stand up for what we believe in. A real change. Beyond the slogans and the soundbites and the status quo thrust upon us for decades.
This goes beyond my standard rant about policy and ignorance and a need to rise above the social malaise giving credence to the extreme ends of the political spectrum. It’s not a rallying call to those claiming government censorship or feeling disenfranchised. This is a statement, intended to reflect the sentiment of the moderate majority, that we have had enough. Do I have a vested interest here? Absolutely. That said, we all do. Yet, to look at public office in the next state or possibly federal election it would have to be about more than my ego. It’s about representing the interests of the public. Not private industry, not the unions catapulting you into power, not just the people who voted for you. Everyone.
If you’re reading this, then think about who is representing you. Have you met them? Spoken to them? Tried to find out who they represent and what they believe? If all you’ve ever done is cast a vote blindly, then you have no one to blame but yourself. The change starts now if you let it. Become a part of something larger than yourself. Build a future your children could be proud of. I know these sound like clichés, but it’s really not hard to make a difference in this country. We are blessed with the freedom of speech and the freedom of choice and right now I am saying that we can choose a better tomorrow.

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