Last night’s Q&A was memorable for all the wrong reasons. The Twittersphere exploded in response to the socialist alternative and student groups attempting to “seize the day” and force their agenda onto a mainstream audience. As usual, the entirety of their cause was reduced to carbon-copied bullshit slogans and left-wing devices such as talking over answers with their own misinformed opinions.

The problem that exists here is not the point they were trying to make, it’s how they continue to make it. Protesting everything that has ever happened is a failed approach and only serves to undermine the broader message. The attempt to hijack a format that is respected and trusted on all sides of politics will only serve to drive the rational debate further away from where it should be. Whether you take issue with Pyne, Burke or Roskam is beyond the point. If you have a question, any form of sense would tell you to allow it answered before attempting a follow-up. Instead, it started with interruptions and quickly escalated to an obnoxious demonstration, forcing the show temporarily off-air as protesters chanted their diatribe, to the dismay of any and all watching.

Earlier this year I was at the Sydney March in March. It was, and remains a failed ‘movement’ with no broader message; instead, opting for a clichéd mantra that amounted to nothing more than hot air and abusive signage. There should be little surprise that it was dismissed by the Prime Minister when he was asked to comment on it. At the march the Social Anarchists made all the same noise that was regurgitated last night; all the same chants, the same sentiment, the same endless stream of bullshit. Rather than allowing for informed debate, they employed the favoured tactic of only allowing their heavily biased opinion to be broadcast.

There is no debate with these people; I have tried, as have others. Any opinion differing from theirs is seen as an attack on their right to free speech and is verbally bashed into submission. Any semblance of reason or balanced thinking is lost amongst the blather and forceful, well-thought-out catchcries such as “Fuck Tony Abbott”. While they are the most vocal protesters of the incumbent government (plus any proposed legislation or budgetary cuts that may or may not affect them), the extreme left-wing fail to realise that they are responsible for the rise of this conservative government and most of its broken promises. The fact that they choose to forgo discussion and debate, opting instead for an extremist approach to the political debate only serves to undermine their cause. Calling for a revolution or to overthrow the Westminster system does nothing to inspire the general public. They provide no insight; there is little policy suggestion from the far-left. They are bringing nothing to the table, yet demand a seat.
This is a cause for concern for any person with even a skerrick of common sense.
The policies of the extreme end of the Coalition government are giving rise to more of these left-wing ego-centric failed abortions, and rather than being presented with an idea or policy that would help the general populace, we’re forced to endure further extremist policy suggestions delivered in an increasingly aggressive manner.
This level of incompetence helps no one. All it will serve to do is strengthen the resolve of the government as more people are turned off by the behaviour of these interchangeable socialists/Marxists/communists/anarchists.

Yet this movement against the government continues to attempt to gather momentum on a broad range of topics. As such, the mass effect of this movement seems to be dwindling noise. General dissatisfaction rather than addressing anything of substance. They have no leadership, no purpose, no direction; it appears to be flawed at the most basic level. It would appear as though they’re trying to become the Australian Occupy movement, yet forgetting how and why that movement failed. They have planned another march a fortnight from now and the question must be asked, “Will there be any real point? Or are we looking at complaining for the sake of making noise? Is there a point to this, or is it some socialist/communist/green subterfuge to try to sway rational voters?”
How about defining real goals and debating actual solutions to the problems that are claimed to be so troubling for Australians?

ignoranceisachoiceAt this point in time, there is nothing that those sitting to the far-left of the political spectrum can say or do to change what is coming in a week. Joe Hockey’s historic first budget as treasurer will have some and none of what is being theorised at the moment; he will not make huge sweeping changes to what is being funded or cut simply because a number of disrespectful ignoramuses decided to abuse the only friend they had in the media. They are supposed to be university students. They are supposed to be educated. Funding has not been cut to such a drastic level that they aren’t capable of discovering the reality of the world in which they exist.
I’m not about to serve up a lecture about where funding should be directed because right now, IT IS FUCKING REDUNDANT. Nothing is about to change. We need to wait, review and then respond to what is presented to us. It’s not fucking neurosurgery you pinko shitheads! Stop embarrassing yourselves and destroying the opportunity for the rest of us to debate the issues.

4 thoughts on “Q&Anarchy

  1. “he will not make huge sweeping changes to what is being funded or cut”??
    “I’m not about to serve up a lecture about where funding should be directed because right now, IT IS FUCKING REDUNDANT. Nothing is about to change.”
    Need help with that foot that seems to be protruding from your mouth?


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