Vaccinate Your Goddamned Kids

Today, there is a five-year-old boy in the ICU of a major hospital. He has been on life support for the last week and his doctors say that now, all they can do is wait for his immune system to respond. He has chicken pox and is going to die. His parents do not believe … Continue reading Vaccinate Your Goddamned Kids

Daniel MacBride and His Noisy Backside

Once lived a boy named Daniel MacBride, And he found it funny to pass wind inside. “Oh Daniel, that’s filthy,” his teacher would chide. “Why can you not take your gases outside?” At home, his parents had tried and had tried, But he would not listen, young Daniel MacBride. “I like it, it’s funny” he … Continue reading Daniel MacBride and His Noisy Backside


In what is being called a world first, a young Australian woman has been hospitalised following a diagnosis of MPA. Emergency Departments and GPs have reported a sharp rise in people presenting with a range of issues, including: headaches, disturbed sleeping-patterns, inability to focus, restlessness, rash-like symptoms appearing on palms, severe depression, loss of recognisable … Continue reading #FirstWorldProblems