My Country, His Team

I love a sunburnt country,
One hotter by the day,
Where science is an option,
For coal is here to stay.
I love her metadata,
The bigots and their rights,
Her children in detention,
Our captain’s calls and knights.

First Gonski was defunded,
Then paid parental leave,
Health was soon to discover,
The cut it would receive.
The Minister for Women,
Closed shelters far and wide,
On pre-election promise,
It could be said he lied.

Living on the wide brown land,
Is dubbed a lifestyle choice,
And Depp dogs are deported,
By one Barnaby Joyce;
The prison island nation,
Now closed to those at sea,
Some questions must be answered,
But not on ABC.

A good job and a paycheck,
Claimed the Treasurer for sale,
Is all one needs to buy a house,
In the state of New South Wales.
The man with all the money,
Thinks poor folk never drive,
Odd that their saviour may be –
A billionaire named Clive.

Removing a health rebate
Won’t fix the debt disorder.
Potatoes in a lifeboat
Should not patrol the border.
Slashing wind and solar goals
Have no financial gains.
Erasing “Great Big Taxes”
Caused droughts and flooding rains.

The Senate Nazi’s nephew
Linked abortions to breast cancer;
For record unemployment
He did not have the answer.
Old failures were recycled,
Like working for the dole.
Though indentured servitude
Will be his future goal.

Entitlements are over.
A chopper flight’s an error.
Our uni fees are uncapped.
There’s brand new laws on terror.
School priests have extra funding.
Equality’s a threat.
The worst part of this nightmare?
He hasn’t finished yet.


Cover Image via @HowToDemocracy

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