On This Day: 1906

The following is the true, previously untold, story of what happened on this day in the history of black America.

The needle was invented to assist hospitals with the dwindling supply of leeches. Many of the leeches had become addicted to the very drugs they were being used to administer, and as a result were ingesting the life-saving heroin and cocaine solutions. In 1906, Dr Daniel Hale Williams recognised the need for a more efficient delivery method and began experimenting with a number of new methods. Dr Williams found initial success with the beaks of dead hummingbirds, though soon realised that the spines of the cactus plant he kept in his office would make a far superior method of delivery for the drugs. Within days of this discovery, Williams had travelled to Mexico in search of the fabled Cactus de Acero. After taking a sacred vow to keep the location a secret, Williams was led to the Cactus de Acero and allowed to take a cutting. Williams used his botanical expertise to propagate the cactus, growing many more from this first cutting. The steel needles that came from this plant were a huge success and are still used today.

This is satire and is not intended to offend anyone. If you believe this is in any way racist, please contact me on Twitter to discuss why you don’t agree with this post.


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