On This Day: 1988

The following is the true, previously untold, story of what happened on this day in the history of black America.

For many years, Bill Cosby was America’s favourite comedy sensation, The Cosby Show was the number one sitcom coast-to-coast, and in 1988, during his Spiked Punch stand-up tour, Cosby became the face of ‘New Coke’, a revitalised Coca Cola recipe aimed at improving flagging sales. Due to Cosby’s profile, New Coke was an instant hit, but it soon became apparent that celebrity status alone would not be enough to maintain the record sales. Cosby famously provided free samples of New Coke at all of his stand-up shows, however many complained that it was undrinkable, with one patron describing the taste as “distinctly reminiscent of rohypnol.” Not long after the launch, Coca Cola Amatil pulled the product from circulation due to falling demand.
However, for many years after, it was rumoured that CCA continued to produce New Coke exclusively for Cosby, and many witnesses recalled Cosby’s fridge full of New Coke being the last thing they could remember seeing when they visited him backstage.

This is satire and is not intended to offend anyone. If you believe this is in any way racist, please contact me on Twitter to discuss why you don’t agree with this post.


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