Indiana Jones and the Sequel of the National Treasure: Cold War Crisis

Disney Pitch: Sunday March 20, 2016 – Sydney AU

Benjamin Gates discovers that Ronald Reagan built a time machine in the 1980s, just in case the Russians attacked and someone had to go back and prevent it from happening. Gates and his sidekick Riley Poole accidentally time travels back to the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War where he comes across another historical adventurer, Indiana Jones. They must work together to unravel a secret Soviet plot to resurrect Josef Stalin using Jesus’ DNA from the Shroud of Turin.
They are forced to work with the Kremlin to prevent this from happening, but are ultimately betrayed and sent to the Gulags. After escaping, the two make their way to the Caucasus where Stalin’s body is being held, but are too late, arriving as undead Stalin boards a helicopter with those loyal to him. The Soviet forces arrive soon after and Indy & Co. overhear Khrushchev say that Stalin has stolen nuclear codes and plans to attack not just America, but all nations.
The two travel by map to the Winter Palace in Leningrad where they confront Stalin during a battle between his loyalists and the Soviet forces. Riley pushes Stalin off a dock in an attempt to drown the notoriously poor swimmer, but Stalin can seemingly walk on water now. Indy and Gates admonish Poole for this.
Stalin is ultimately defeated when Indy and Gates use Indy’s whip to tie him to a nuclear warhead that was aimed for Washington, but Poole reprograms to go off harmlessly in empty Siberian wastes.

NB: obviously this requires more work, but would make a believable sequel for both the Indiana Jones and National Treasure franchises that Disney owns. After aliens and Aztec gold, time travel shouldn’t be all that far fetched, especially if treated somewhat light-heartedly, as the better of these films are.

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