Small Party Syndrome

The 2013 election exposed voters to a concept that was, for many, previously unheard-of: electing small party candidates to the Senate. While independent Senators such as Brian Harradine and Nick Xenophon found success in representing their states, it has always been harder for smaller parties to build a following at a federal level. The death … Continue reading Small Party Syndrome


Don’t Be A Jackass

Ask someone what donkey voting is, and they might say it's when you spoil your ballot by adding an additional candidate; or maybe it's when you draw a cock and balls across the senate paper; wait, isn't it when you write your name on the paper? None of these are correct. A donkey vote is … Continue reading Don’t Be A Jackass

Political Journalism: You’re Doing It Wrong

Yellow journalism represents a corruption of journalistic integrity, sacrificing legitimate news for manufactured sensationalism. Rarely is it more evident than in the newsrooms of the Murdoch media empire, yet in this election a surprisingly large number of Australian media outlets have fallen prey to the clickbait tendencies of the yellow press. Last week, The Sydney … Continue reading Political Journalism: You’re Doing It Wrong

Alzheimer’s Australia calls out election candidates

National dementia body, Alzheimer’s Australia, has called on candidates in this year’s federal election to commit to fully funding a National Dementia Strategy. In a series of tweets over the weekend, the not-for-profit association directly contacted candidates for every lower house seat, highlighting the number of people living with dementia in each electorate. Spokesperson for … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Australia calls out election candidates