Not Quite Hitler, Part I

Tiny finger on the button, Often acting the buffoon, And behaving like a glutton Or perhaps a shaved baboon. With a face of dried out mutton, Wears a rug, or dead racoon. Golden showers, prostitution, His salacious, shrivelled worm. Active proof of devolution, Can make any woman squirm. A new Russian revolution May occur in … Continue reading Not Quite Hitler, Part I

Little Donald

Spewing hatred from his vulgar sump. There’s a man in the House we should dump. Ranting and raving while on the stump, A new life in the House; Forrest Gump. Weak, sad, little loser; rather plump. Smallest man in the House; tufted clump. Incestuous Orwellian chump. Predator of the House; gormless lump. With six bankruptcies filed, … Continue reading Little Donald