Not Quite Hitler, Part I

Tiny finger on the button,
Often acting the buffoon,
And behaving like a glutton
Or perhaps a shaved baboon.
With a face of dried out mutton,
Wears a rug, or dead racoon.

Golden showers, prostitution,
His salacious, shrivelled worm.
Active proof of devolution,
Can make any woman squirm.
A new Russian revolution
May occur in his first term.

Wants to make the country greater,
Yet he lost the vote, big league.
And he’s acting like a traitor
While inspiring fatigue.
Will become the next dictator
With his Twitter-based blitzkriegs.

He’s committing acts of treason
Wielding power to abuse.
Passing laws for no good reason,
Soon to round up all the Jews.
His impeachment in due season
By the father of Ted Cruz.

One thought on “Not Quite Hitler, Part I

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