Budget Night 2017 (And I Feel Fine)

As a politics junkie, the lack of Fairfax insight on Budget night is genuinely troubling. It means most of the country will be getting their in-depth analysis from News Corp media or other conservative sources like Channel Nine.

The Ministry of Truth will have unchecked access for the first time in years. ABC and Guardian only attract the Outer Party types who pretend they understand politics. Schwartz Media and Sky News are for the latte-sipping Party elites. The proles will ask Kochie to tell them what Budget 2017 means for them. Expect to hear “working families” a lot this week.

This is what happens when you don’t support journalism and poor management is rewarded. This is why Rupert Murdoch sponsors the Inner Party: cuts to Education, cuts to Health, changes to pensions, changes to GST, cuts to ABC and SBS; the masses stay stupid and docile while Big Malcolm (or Donald) takes over.

Their agenda never changes. While the broader public are distracted by the racial purity of Labor’s dogwhistle pandering, universities become less attainable and hospitals are ignored.

Support striking Fairfax workers by choosing a reputable news source like ABC – you may not like them, but at least they’re forced to be honest on something like the Budget. Even consider BuzzFeed, they have some young and talented journalists with good insights on how this will affect people under 40.

You can’t let Morrison and the millionaire Muppet win this. It will set the agenda for the next 3 years and will influence the 2019 election. The next great Liberal dynasty could be launched tonight.

(And let’s be honest, Bill Shorten is no Whitlam, Hawke, or Rudd. I wrote about his need to be replaced here.)

(The 1984 references are deliberate, because this is how that sort of shit starts.)



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