Rage Against The Machine

Australia is in the midst of a constitutional crisis.

We have absent leaders trying to tell us that this is all just a part of the Australian summer; their blase attitudes sending a clear message: don’t worry, don’t flee, it’s as simple as it was in the 1990s.
The spineless ALP remains incapable of addressing the failure of government in this country because they helped grow the rot.

Australians are left wondering, who are we supposed to turn to? Who can fix this? What happens when these fires sweep through my town? Where are the leaders?

Meanwhile, protest movements continue to follow the same model that has got us nowhere fast. We protested Howard and got Rudd. We protested Abbott and got Morrison.
Taking to the streets is doing nothing. We need to be taking to the communities.

At the most fundamental level, the Australian democratic experiment has failed and its demise is leading us into extinction. The so-called leaders of this nation have never had a real job, outside working for the Party or the Party owners.
They are middle-management salesmen, just there to push messaging for the Masters.
Don Draper but with far less class.

We have reached a point where calling on our leaders to do more or be better is as useless as the special envoy for the drought.
None of them will be able to address this crisis, because this is outside their job description.

The only way forward now is to tear it all down and start over. We cannot repair a system so corrupted by decades of neglect and abuse, and certainly not from within.

We require new constitutional forums, we need to dismantle the Commonwealth brick by brick because our futures depend on it.
These fires will continue to intensify this year, next year, and across the next few decades. We have seen towns wiped off the map this summer, next summer it will be cities.
As far south as Wollongong will be hit by cyclones within the next 30 years, even if we were to decarbonise overnight.

We are in the early stages of climate collapse and we need to build cities that can sustain the extreme conditions that will come with the global heating we know to be guaranteed across the next few decades.
We cannot wait for Parliament to address this.

Since the early 1990s, we have known that global warming is a crisis we need to address. For a generation, society chose to ignore it and now we have years, if not months, to adapt or die.
If this was a disaster movie we’d be demanding the government build arks.

In 2020 we must retake control of our lives. We must end the grip of capitalism on democracy. It’s a cliche but we need to call this out for what it is, the corporations who own our lives finally managed to automate government.
This is why we see Albo fail to capitalise on ScoMo’s holiday, it’s why Top Pigs can European vacations during the worst bushfires on record.
They don’t have any work to do at this time of year, and so they don’t give a shit.

It’s not their fault though, they’ve been disconnected from reality for some time, they live in very different bubbles to the rest of us. It’s why they refuse to consider directly funding government projects, charity and government contracts are how the Masters avoid paying taxes or the equitable distribution of wealth.
There is no point in being angry at Scott Morrison, he is incapable of being the leader this country needs; this isn’t to diminish anyone’s rage, it is entirely justified, but direct your rage that those who helped design this mess of a government and then join those of us working on a solution.

We all can see where the fabric of this nation is tearing apart. We all can teach and learn new ways to exist in a land turned wild by centuries of colonial terraformation.

But we cannot continue in the manner we have for the last few decades. Coasting on the assumption that the government is handling the business of managing the country.
We became complacent, ignorant, and lazy. We failed to listen to those we pushed to the fringe of society, and now we are all trapped in this hellish dystopia.

Now we must come together and forge a new future. We have the collective knowledge, technology, and means of construction we will need for what is coming.
For over 80 millennia humanity thrived on this land and in less than 250 years the European model has put us on the path for wiping out all life.

There is no question of our failure, nor the abuse and exploitation wrought on all of us.
And so we must stand together if we wish to survive.

If we need a slogan, we can call it Operation Phoenix, because from these ashes we will rise.
Long live the revolution.

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