Fuck Celebrity

At Home Alone Together is a new comedy series on ABC, hosted by Ray Martin, it takes a look at the lighter side of quarantining and government-sanctioned lockdowns. Ostensibly a funny idea, it recently included a (now viral) public service announcement sketch that involved some of Australia's most televised faces telling us not to start a podcast in this time of pandemic.

Truth Hurts ft. Eva Sless

This podcast is recorded on the lands of the Gubbi Gubbi, the Dharug, the Gadigal of Eora nation, and the Dharawal. We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge the elders of tomorrow. This land was stolen and sovereignty was never ceded, Australia owes a debt that can never be repaid and … Continue reading Truth Hurts ft. Eva Sless

Dear Josh,

Let's be honest with each other; you probably don't like me, especially after that little incident at Scotty's place, and I really don't like you because, well, *gestures at Liberal/National/Labor parties*, but fate and chance and forty years of flawed economic theory brought us together.