Our Country

The love of private profits,
Of punitive crackdowns.
Of broken hearts and spirits
In all Australian towns.
Strongmen with flawed agendas,
Blue ties and silver spoons.
We know just how they see us:
Cheap labour for tycoons.

We want a welfare system
That benefits the poor,
Improving life conditions
By giving people more.
We want to live our own lives,
We want to breathe free.
These Mutual Obligations
Are built on cruelty.

In private welfare systems,
The bosses heed the call.
The workers are exploited
While rights and wages fall.
The donors fund these changes
And taxes go offshore.
Corruption is endemic
And feeding the class war.

O comrades, solidarity!
United we stand strong,
All bosses rig the system,
Our struggle is lifelong –
But every generation
Can take the power back.
They want to keep us busy,
Ignoring their attacks.

O comrades, solidarity!
This land, so colonised
They make us blame each other
For laws that they decide.
And so, pandemic rages;
The climate, terraformed.
Economy, mismanaged;
We won’t say they weren’t warned.

We love this fucking country,
An ancient land of dreams.
It shouldn’t have to come to
Deposing their regimes.
The system isn’t working,
They don’t know what it’s like –
State violence and terror.
And that is why we strike!

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