Listening Requires More Than Just Ears w. Jack Latimore

This podcast is recorded on the lands of the Dharug, the Boon-Wurrung and Wurundjeri of Kulin nation, and the Dharawal. We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge the elders of tomorrow. This land was stolen and sovereignty was never ceded, Australia owes a debt that can never be repaid and must come to terms with the historic and ongoing genocide of the First Nations. There is no revolution without Treaties.

G’day listeners, it’s been a while between drinks. We recorded this in May 2020, just as the true severity of COVID was hitting everyone for the first time. It’s taken a while to get this edited, largely due to some personal issues on my end – in addition to the general fatigue that comes with the global shutdown. I managed to outsource the editing of two other episodes we recorded at that time, but now that I’ve managed to pull myself out of the single worst mental health episode I’ve ever experienced, we should be back up and running soon.
With this finally done, we’re hoping to get a few more episodes recorded in the coming months.
On a personal note, I would like to offer my deepest apologies to Jack Latimore, who was kind enough to give us his time, I’m sorry this took such a long time to publish.
– Dean

G’day voters and welcome to the show notes for the seventh episode we recorded in 2020; we are 3 White Guys + Guest, a political podcast for a cynical nation.

Our plus guest today is Birpai-Dunghutti journalist, writer with the Guardian and editor with NITV, Jack Latimore.



Take It Blak Podcast

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Recommendations

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Full Report

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AFP officers arrived on commercial flights, not quarantined before sent to remote communities

AFP officers arrived on commercial flights, not quarantined before sent to remote communities

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EXCLUSIVE: Yolngu Elder did not author letter

Letter revealed to contain paragraphs lifted from academic papers and websites

EXCLUSIVE: Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief provides signed statement to NITV News

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