Pseudo-intellectual. Political freethinker. One-time stripper. Shit stirrer. First female Prime Minister of Australia. Compulsive liar. Sexier than Chris Hemsworth. Narcissist. Atheist. Journalist. Centrist.

Common sense is a fallacy, and yet people generally refuse to accept that. Their opinion is the only true one and nothing will influence their views.
I’m fed-up with the way people are so accepting of the status quo when it is clear that we have stagnated political and social debate. We’re being fucked over and no one seems to want to propose a rational solution.

I’m in my late twenties and working on two degrees, Journalism and Arts – majoring in Politics and Spanish, at UOW, though that’s just background noise here. My aim is to change minds as I contribute to the zeitgeist, and failing that, at least cause readers to question what’s being done by governments acting in their names.

There is more to this blog than political and social commentary, you will find the odd story or attempt at satire, I have a passion for writing, and this is where I express it.

Find me on Twitter: @RealDeanCool


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