For the longest time, this site was an outlet for my anger and frustration around the world as I see it. However, increasingly it has become a map of how my views have changed over time, the only constant being that the government is broken. I don’t know how it will continue to evolve over time, but as it grows and changes, hopefully, it will become more relevant for anyone wanting answers.

Common sense is a fallacy, and yet too many people refuse to accept that. I’m fed up with the way people are so fierce in defending the status quo when it is clear that political debate and social discourse have stagnated.
No one seems to want to propose a radical solution, and nothing ever changes. Vast swathes of the community are ignored and dismissed because they don’t fit the carefully crafted narrative of the ruling classes. The rich and powerful know that they can hold on to their power as long as they can get their soundbites played on high rotation because most people don’t have the time to follow every second of the news cycle.

My aim is to change minds as I contribute to the zeitgeist, and failing that, question what is being done by governments, leaders, and others in the public eye. I don’t have all the answers, but I have some ideas that I’ll explore here.

There is more to this blog than political and social commentary, you will find the odd story or attempt at satire, I have a passion for writing and this is where I express it. I’ve been writing here for five years, including covering the 2016 and 2019 Federal Elections for the AusVotes blog.

Podcast: 3 White Guys + Guest

Twitter: @RealDeanCool

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