COVID-19 Interview Transcript

I sat down last week with a health worker who has been working inside the coronavirus clinics at a major NSW Hospital. To protect their identity and career from any negative repercussions from state and federal health departments, they will be going by the name Florence Night-in-gaol for this interview, which I then had Nick record from transcript to further protect them.

Pandemic! At The Disco

This podcast is recorded on the lands of the Dharug and of the Gadigal of Eora nation. We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge the elders of tomorrow. This land was stolen and sovereignty was never ceded, Australia owes a debt that can never be repaid and must come to terms with the historic and ongoing genocide of the First Nations. There is no revolution without Treaties.

Two-Thirds Gaolbirds

G'day voters and welcome to the first episode of the second season of 3 White Guys + Guest, featuring the heat, smoke, dust, and fires that have come to define summer 2019/20. This will be a year for revolutions, our government has been privatised and the people have lost control of the nation. This isn't just a bushfire or climate crisis, it's a constitutional crisis.

ScoMo’s War on Xmas

G'day voters, and welcome to the show notes for the xmas special episode of 3 White Guys + Guest, a political podcast for a cynical nation. We look back on the decade, year, and month it's been. Join us as we say good bye to 2019 and hello to the future. 

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The police crackdown on peaceful protesters at the rally outside the IMARC conference in Melbourne last week was completely disproportionate to the disruption they caused, with the overwhelming majority of the violence being instigated by the police. This was a very different episode because we felt the need to get stuck in on what is happening to democracy and civil rights in this country.

The Corruption Scandal Taylor-made for #AusPol

This week we saw Angus Taylor embroiled in yet another corruption scandal, and yet the government is as committed to ignoring it as the media appears to be. There's no chance Taylor will be made to face consequences for his actions, and this is why it is so important to support independent candidates seeking to unseat these foetid slugs in Canberra.

There Are Literally No Jobs

Welfare and social security in Australia have been driven into the ground by successive Liberal and Labor governments. This bipartisan approach to punishing Australians for losing a job has created a system of entrenched poverty and desperate people are now at their wits end.