Public Transport is Hell

Our brave reporter sets out on a journey of self-discovery as a routine trip home turns into a waking nightmare aboard a suburban train. Life will never be the same.


How To Refuse How-to-vote Cards

Do you struggle with the idea of having to run the gauntlet of rabid political party enthusiasts? Do you wish you could let them down gently, or maybe with a snappy comeback to their t-shirt slogan? PRESENTING: Dean's lines for rejecting and refusing how-to-vote cards - Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit. - If you touch … Continue reading How To Refuse How-to-vote Cards

Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government

Yesterday Barry O'Farrell, the endless fount of wisdom that he is, announced new laws designed to curb this "recent spate of alcohol-fuelled violence", including restricted trading, lock-outs, and mandatory minimum sentencing. While everyone seems to be reacting to the new alcohol laws, I have this to say, BOO-FREAKING-HOO. If you're still out and needing to … Continue reading Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government