Statement regarding trespass incident at Scott Morrison’s house on 3 January 2020

Statement regarding trespass incident at Scott Morrison’s house on 3 January 2020. Over the last six months, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect upon my actions at the start of the year. This has been a time of extraordinary and unprecedented change not just for myself nor the Prime Minister, but for all Australians.

Fuck Celebrity

At Home Alone Together is a new comedy series on ABC, hosted by Ray Martin, it takes a look at the lighter side of quarantining and government-sanctioned lockdowns. Ostensibly a funny idea, it recently included a (now viral) public service announcement sketch that involved some of Australia's most televised faces telling us not to start a podcast in this time of pandemic.

Dear Josh,

Let's be honest with each other; you probably don't like me, especially after that little incident at Scotty's place, and I really don't like you because, well, *gestures at Liberal/National/Labor parties*, but fate and chance and forty years of flawed economic theory brought us together.

COVID-19 Interview Transcript

I sat down last week with a health worker who has been working inside the coronavirus clinics at a major NSW Hospital. To protect their identity and career from any negative repercussions from state and federal health departments, they will be going by the name Florence Night-in-gaol for this interview, which I then had Nick record from transcript to further protect them.

Vote or Die

Are you tired of the status quo? Do you wish there was another option outside of the two-party system? Have you forgotten that Australia has a preferential voting system? Good news everyone! Australia has a preferential voting system! If you're old enough to remember the last decade of self-interested politicians with no true vision for Australia then perhaps this is the how-to-vote blog for you.