Statement regarding trespass incident at Scott Morrison’s house on 3 January 2020

Statement regarding trespass incident at Scott Morrison’s house on 3 January 2020. Over the last six months, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect upon my actions at the start of the year. This has been a time of extraordinary and unprecedented change not just for myself nor the Prime Minister, but for all Australians.

Fuck Celebrity

At Home Alone Together is a new comedy series on ABC, hosted by Ray Martin, it takes a look at the lighter side of quarantining and government-sanctioned lockdowns. Ostensibly a funny idea, it recently included a (now viral) public service announcement sketch that involved some of Australia's most televised faces telling us not to start a podcast in this time of pandemic.

Dear Josh,

Let's be honest with each other; you probably don't like me, especially after that little incident at Scotty's place, and I really don't like you because, well, *gestures at Liberal/National/Labor parties*, but fate and chance and forty years of flawed economic theory brought us together.

COVID-19 Interview Transcript

I sat down last week with a health worker who has been working inside the coronavirus clinics at a major NSW Hospital. To protect their identity and career from any negative repercussions from state and federal health departments, they will be going by the name Florence Night-in-gaol for this interview, which I then had Nick record from transcript to further protect them.