It’s too late to Stop Adani

I’ve been debating whether I wanted to weigh in on Adani getting the go-ahead from QLD Labor. I mean, Adani’s own modelling points to the fact that it will only create 100 ongoing jobs, about the same as opening a new Coles. So it’s a situation where the temptation is to lean back and say, fuck it, build the mine and show the people of Queensland what they’ve voted for, a dirty great lame duck.


Brandzac Day: The Fetishisation of Toxic Patriotism

The commercialisation of Anzac Day goes far beyond whichever advertising executive will shit the bed on April 25 with a tone-deaf attempt to cash in on the "ANZAC Spirit". This is a day which has become a battleground for right-wing culture warriors desperate to exploit the boozed-up bogans eager to defend 'Straya in the trenches of focused and persistent online abuse.