Cliché As Old As Time

Can we talk about the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake? A few days ago, Disney released a short promotional clip from the film, featuring Josh Gad as LeFou singing Gaston. Teen Vogue described Gad as "an absolute star" for his performance in the clip; according to Screen Rant, Gad's voice "really shines through. However, as … Continue reading Cliché As Old As Time


Not Quite Hitler, Part I

Tiny finger on the button, Often acting the buffoon, And behaving like a glutton Or perhaps a shaved baboon. With a face of dried out mutton, Wears a rug, or dead racoon. Golden showers, prostitution, His salacious, shrivelled worm. Active proof of devolution, Can make any woman squirm. A new Russian revolution May occur in … Continue reading Not Quite Hitler, Part I

Little Donald

Spewing hatred from his vulgar sump. There’s a man in the House we should dump. Ranting and raving while on the stump, A new life in the House; Forrest Gump. Weak, sad, little loser; rather plump. Smallest man in the House; tufted clump. Incestuous Orwellian chump. Predator of the House; gormless lump. With six bankruptcies filed, … Continue reading Little Donald

New Leak: Trump Emails Prove Campaign Worked With Russia Against Clinton

A batch of emails leaked overnight directly implicate Donald Trump in a Russian plot to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the election. According to emails obtained by The Washington Post, Donald Trump reached out to The Kremlin in June, requesting assistance in finding damaging material to use against the Clinton campaign. WaPo notes that this … Continue reading New Leak: Trump Emails Prove Campaign Worked With Russia Against Clinton