Australia said No, but Men Never Listen

Eurydice Dixon was not murdered by just one man, her death came at the hands of all men, as we continue to fail to overcome our violent tendencies, and the culture of toxic masculinity that permeates society at all levels. We are responsible. We must do better.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Remember the glory days of Australian politics? When hating the Greens was as Australian as disparaging Asians or beating your wife? When most people voted based on ill-informed loyalties rather than the policies of those they elected? A time when the media had yet to expose the self-serving antics of State MPs and the public … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government

Yesterday Barry O'Farrell, the endless fount of wisdom that he is, announced new laws designed to curb this "recent spate of alcohol-fuelled violence", including restricted trading, lock-outs, and mandatory minimum sentencing. While everyone seems to be reacting to the new alcohol laws, I have this to say, BOO-FREAKING-HOO. If you're still out and needing to … Continue reading Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government