Fucking Around, Finding Out: Thoughts on the FriendlyJordies Legal Saga

In January, in Washington DC, we saw what happens when a movement of brainwashed trolls finds itself with no hope after years of blaming everything on the other team, when the cult of personality collapsed in on itself. Shanks and his team need to take this moment to reflect on what they're trying to achieve, if indeed they are trying to achieve anything at all.

Vote or Die

Are you tired of the status quo? Do you wish there was another option outside of the two-party system? Have you forgotten that Australia has a preferential voting system? Good news everyone! Australia has a preferential voting system! If you're old enough to remember the last decade of self-interested politicians with no true vision for Australia then perhaps this is the how-to-vote blog for you.

Two Sides One Coin

There is a deeply concerning perception problem in Australian politics, and this has been the case for some time. Many seem to think that the Labor and Liberal parties are essentially the same. In policy; personnel; propensity to knife a sitting Prime Minister; thousands, if not millions, of Australians believe that they could not be more similar.
Only, they're not.