Malcolm Bligh and the Mutiny of the Turnbull

They say a week is a long time in politics, but holy mother of fuck, what a goddamned week. Apologies for the language, but Jesus Christ, this roller coaster of spills, rumours, leaks, and arithmetic seemed like it would never end.


Bringing a Spud Gun to a Knifing

How is this week not over yet? I mean, seriously. Today was a day that made most Australians long for a simpler time, when popular Prime Ministers were knifed overnight and the country could just move on. I'd laugh if it wasn't all just so fucking exhausting.

We Elected A Bunch Of Muppets

Once in a generation, the Australian people will make a baffling electoral choice. Either by divine intervention or deep-rooted ignorance, a government seizes power and what follows is beyond comprehension. Once, there was Joh Bjelke-Petersen leading Queensland through 20 years of conservative corruption, while more recently, they watched Campbell Newman declaring war on anti-corruption, public … Continue reading We Elected A Bunch Of Muppets

Sir George, Protector of the Queensland

What better way to get into the spirit of Easter, than to be spoon-fed outdated and far right-wing views. George Brandis has, this week, reminded us why voting Liberal means voting for yesterday's tomorrow. In an interview with online magazine Spiked! the Attorney-General has described as "medieval, the approach of these true believers in climate change". … Continue reading Sir George, Protector of the Queensland