On the Social and Cultural Benefits of Illicit Drug Use

In the wake of the overdose deaths at the Defqon.1 electronic dance music festival in Penrith this last weekend, it's worth taking some time to consider what solutions exist to prevent such deaths and related injuries in the future.


Bringing a Spud Gun to a Knifing

How is this week not over yet? I mean, seriously. Today was a day that made most Australians long for a simpler time, when popular Prime Ministers were knifed overnight and the country could just move on. I'd laugh if it wasn't all just so fucking exhausting.

Political Journalism: You’re Doing It Wrong

Yellow journalism represents a corruption of journalistic integrity, sacrificing legitimate news for manufactured sensationalism. Rarely is it more evident than in the newsrooms of the Murdoch media empire, yet in this election a surprisingly large number of Australian media outlets have fallen prey to the clickbait tendencies of the yellow press. Last week, The Sydney … Continue reading Political Journalism: You’re Doing It Wrong