My Country, His Team

I love a sunburnt country, One hotter by the day, Where science is an option, For coal is here to stay. I love her metadata, The bigots and their rights, Her children in detention, Our captain’s calls and knights. First Gonski was defunded, Then paid parental leave, Health was soon to discover, The cut it … Continue reading My Country, His Team

We Elected A Bunch Of Muppets

Once in a generation, the Australian people will make a baffling electoral choice. Either by divine intervention or deep-rooted ignorance, a government seizes power and what follows is beyond comprehension. Once, there was Joh Bjelke-Petersen leading Queensland through 20 years of conservative corruption, while more recently, they watched Campbell Newman declaring war on anti-corruption, public … Continue reading We Elected A Bunch Of Muppets