Cliché As Old As Time

Can we talk about the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake? A few days ago, Disney released a short promotional clip from the film, featuring Josh Gad as LeFou singing Gaston. Teen Vogue described Gad as "an absolute star" for his performance in the clip; according to Screen Rant, Gad's voice "really shines through. However, as … Continue reading Cliché As Old As Time

It’s like the 1980s all over again

History is repeating itself in the upcoming election. The last double dissolution election was held in the 1980s and the last time the Liberal Party led us into a double-D election was also during the eighties. The 1980s kicked off with a Prime Minister named Malcolm, just like today. The leader of the Liberal Party … Continue reading It’s like the 1980s all over again