Poor State of Health

Blacktown Hospital is so critically underfunded that entire wards are being closed due to the lack of staff, and it's not the only NSW hospital facing such a desperate shortage. Very few NSW voters would be shocked to hear that the staffing levels in hospitals are inadequate, but the reality of the situation suggests that NSW Health is on the brink of collapse.


Dirt and Preferences: The Campaign Against Keep Sydney Open

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in politics is very aware of "dirt units", and how the major parties deploy lies, gossip, and spin against opponents and smaller parties that are posing a threat. Furthermore, all claims of preference deals are false, voters make the choice as to where and how preferences flow and have done in NSW since 2003.

Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government

Yesterday Barry O'Farrell, the endless fount of wisdom that he is, announced new laws designed to curb this "recent spate of alcohol-fuelled violence", including restricted trading, lock-outs, and mandatory minimum sentencing. While everyone seems to be reacting to the new alcohol laws, I have this to say, BOO-FREAKING-HOO. If you're still out and needing to … Continue reading Someone Needs To “Coward Punch” Some Sense Into The NSW Government